Thank you for your interest in our gift items! If you have questions that are not answered on our site or are unhappy with our products or services, please give us a chance to correct the problem!  Email us at gift @ TheWoodsGifts.com.

Q:  I never received a tracking number for my package.
A: Sometimes our emails are never received because our software's emails appear to be spam. Email our Shipping Department at gifts (at) TheWoodsGifts.com with your order number or the name your order was placed under and we'll email you the tracking information directly.

Q:  How do I see my shipping cost?
A: To see your actual shipping charges via Federal Express, click the "Checkout" button at the bottom of the shopping cart, enter your shipping address and click the "Continue" button. The following page will show your shipping options and their prices. Most orders under $25.00 will start at $9.00 shipping cost.

Q:  Why are there two sets of prices?
A: The higher, crossed-out price is what we charge for the item in our physical stores (located in Minnesota). That is the price you would pay if you visited one of those stores in person. For web orders we occasionally offer a discount on those prices, which shows as a lower price. If there are two prices showing, the lower price will be the one that shows for items in your shopping cart.

Q:  How do I know if you have the items I want is in-stock?
A: If the item is not in stock it will not show on our site. Once you click the "Buy It" button you will see our current stock for the item you purchased listed in the shopping cart. If you order more than we have in-stock, you will receive a message asking you to lower your purchase quantity.

Occasionally we make items available for pre-order, such as Willow Tree Collectibles that come out as specific times each year. We will clearly label those items with a "PRE-ORDER ONLY" label and with an estimated ship date.

Q:  My candle won't stay lit.  What do I do?
A:  You have two options, depending on whether the candle was purchased from this site:

  1. If you DID NOT purchase the candle from this websitecall 800-827-2231 to contact Virginia Gift Brands, the company that makes the candles.  (We are a retailer of the candles but we DO NOT make them.)
  2. If you DID purchase the candle from this website (TheWoodsGifts.com) and if your candle is less than 25% burned through, follow the procedures below to return the candle to us, enclosing a note to describe what the candle is doing (or not doing, as the case may be).  We will send you a new candle of the same type if it is in stock.  If your candle is not in stock we will send you another candle of your choice.  This option is ONLY for those customers who ordered from this website and return their gift receipt with the candle.

Any items you purchase may be returned when accompanied by the original receipt. If the items are received by us in like-new condition, you will be credited for the price of the item (less any discount). Halloween and Christmas returns limited to 30 days after the holiday. For any items returned without a receipt we will issue a Store Credit (or Gift Certificate, if you prefer) and send it to your choice of your Billing or Shipping Address.

Write "RETURN" on the outside of the box and ship any items you'd like to return to:

The Woods
15825 95th Ave N, 
Maple Grove, MN 55369-4473.

Q: There is an item in your store that I would like to order online but I don't see it. Why is that?
A: We carry many seasonal items in our three stores in Minnesota that would take a very long time to put online, but would only be available for sale for one season. We plan to continue to add new items to our site so your favorite items may show up here eventually, but you can speed the process by sending us an email at the address above or calling us at our toll-free number listed below.

Q: Do you still carry kaleidoscopes in your stores?
A: While we still have a few scopes that we carry at holiday time, your best bet for buying quality kaleidoscopes today is Kaleido.com.

Q: What are the Willow Tree figurines made from?
A: Each figurine is cast in resin from an original carving by Susan Lordi.

Q: There is a Willow Tree figurine that I would like, but I don't see it on your list. Do you carry the complete line?
A: We do carry the complete line of Willow Tree figurines, including the figurines only available to Platinum Dealers. However, several pieces are retired in January of each year. If you no longer see a particular figurine listed, chances are good that it has been retired.

Q: What does it mean when you say you are a "Platinum Dealer" for the Willow Tree Figurines?
A: Platinum Dealers are able to offer additional figurines not available to all stores; Platinum Dealers also receive priority on shipments, so we tend to have better stock in the hard-to-find figurines.

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