Francis Metal Works

Enjoy Francis Metal Works Garden Decor

Whether you are looking for an appealing and practical addition to your own garden or would like to gift someone you care about a beautiful metal bird sculpture to enhance their outdoor space, something from the Francis Metal Works collection could work really well. This manufacturer specializes in creating amazing metal garden animals and birds, using rocks and other natural materials to provide the finishing touches to the metal framework in a way which really brings the creatures to life.

Metal Garden Decor is a Popular Choice

Because natural materials look fantastic in the garden, a metal bird or animal adds a fantastic accent. The collection includes everything from metal herons for garden use through to turtles, roosters, swans, frogs, owls and even a duck! Each piece is slightly different, resulting in a unique feature that stands out for all the right reasons. A great gift for any garden lover, the ornaments look amazing in any outdoor space – even if you only have a small patio, a few garden tubs or a tiny back yard, a carefully chosen metal ornament can add a gorgeous splash of visual interest.

Top-Quality Metal Duck Sculpture

Like everything else we sell, the sculptures you buy from us are made to the very highest standards, using premium materials. Robustly constructed and built to withstand temperature extremes, rain and wind, if you want to delight a friend or simply treat yourself to something beautiful, one of these sculptures is just the thing. To order your garden sculpture, or any of our other items, call us at (612) 584-9405.