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Gifts and giving ideas from The Woods Gifts in Minnesota.

  • Add Character and Charm to Your Space with Wood Signs

    When it comes to your home décor, there are many things that can add a really great finishing touch and a unique style. Whether it’s adding a splash of color with pillows on your sofa to changing up lighting with distinctive lamps, small additions can really add character. Another great way to add some unique style and a personal touch to your home is by adding stylish wood signs. Continue reading

  • Investing in Beautiful, Quality Swan Creek Candles

    When it is time to buy something special, do not buy just any product on the shelf. Give them something that you put time into. Perhaps you have walked by that store shelf with a wide range of candles on it. You picked up a few, removed the cap and smelled them. They just seemed okay. The scent may not have been that strong. Or, you may have noticed a chemical-like scent. That is not what you want to give. Swan Creek candles, on the other hand, stand out and make the ideal gift for many reasons.

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  • Wooden Signs with Sayings Can Create a Lasting Message

    Have you ever wanted to convey a message of love or inspiration to someone but were unsure how to do it? There are plenty of ways you could write those sentiments in a note to send to your loved one or just have a long, deep conversation. However, those messages do not last. They can easily forget your meaning or, when they need to hear your tender message on a bad day, they will not remember to look for it. Wooden signs with sayings on them, on the other hand, really provide a way to create a rewarding, long-lasting sentiment.
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  • Give the Perfect Gifts Made by Hand and Nature


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  • Unique Christmas Gifts for the Bag Lover

    There are just some friends that every time you see them they have a new bag on their arm. Now that you are shopping for unique Christmas gifts for this person, you are thinking about giving her a fantastic bag. Where should you look and what brand will really help them stand out?

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  • The Star Christmas Gift Ideas You Need

    Christmas gift ideas can be a bit more challenging to find as the years go on. That person you used to buy appliances and kitchen gadgets for has everything they need. They buy what they want when they want it, too. How can you find something special to offer to them that they truly can enjoy? To do this, you need to step outside of the box and look for items that may offer something a bit more unique.
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  • Gift Options for Maple Grove Shopping

    For those that are doing a little Maple Grove shopping, why not make now the time to pick up a few gifts for your loved ones or that special someone in your life? This area offers a variety of gifts that can provide for just about any need from birthdays to anniversaries and "just because" types of events. You can find fantastic home décor shops as well as a variety of gift shops that offer something interesting and unique. The only question is, what will you give?
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  • Making Wine Gift Ideas Count

    Many people gift wine. However, it's not always as simple as picking out a bottle of wine and hoping your recipient will enjoy it. Sometimes you don't know what type of wine your potential recipient may prefer. It also gets a lot more challenging when attending an event. Others may bring wine as well, leaving you in a group giving the same gift instead of standing apart. Instead, you can consider a few wine gift ideas that stand out and are sure to bring a smile to someone's face. Everyone loves wine, but sometimes being unique in the gifts you give is just as important. Continue reading

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